Handmade With Love

In my opinion, sea glass is the best thing to come out of the ocean. I have a rather large collection and head down to the beach at least once a week to find more.

My mother is the one who first introduced me to this treasure, so for her birthday I decided to make her a sea glass necklace. I simply used wire and pliers to create this piece. She loved it and now I want to make more!

necklace1  seaglassshell  necklace_2

seaglasshand  moreseaglass  momandme

Blizzard Nemo

Well..thanks to this crazy weather, I hopefully will get this website going. The portfolio portion is coming along. I have posted all of my Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop projects. I have started publishing my photography images. Next is to add some facts about me and some of my writing samples!


Stay tuned, there is much more to come. And while you’re waiting here are some pics of Nemo. I can no longer see down my road!


blizzardnemo  nemoinstaphoto-1