Our Engagement on Block Island

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I headed to Block Island to say goodbye to summer and enjoy a day of bike riding and sightseeing. Little did I know he had much more in store for us!

After getting off the ferry we rented bikes and decided to head to one of our favorite spots near the North Lighthouse. Not too many people head out to see the lighthouse since it is on the other side of the island and is quite the trek to get to. After riding out to it, we then walk for about a mile on the beach. Behind the lighthouse is a very private beach where we went last summer to look for seaglass.


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Made With Love for Mother’s Day

So I realize it’s August and I’m just now posting about something that happened in May, but hey busy life!

I decided to make some handmade gifts to all the lovely mamas/grandmama in my life. First I made some hand drawn cards and used Photoshop to turn them into a chalkboard effect. I am a firm believer in handmade cards; they are full of love and each one is unique. The awesome tutorial can be found here.

It was so easy to do and was so much fun to come up with my own style of lettering. Also eraser marks don’t matter! They just add to the chalkboard effect.


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My Dad is a Mix Between Ron Swanson & Pinterest

I know I normally post about work I have done, but it is time to give a guest post to my dad! As the title of this entry states, he is a mixture between Ron Swanson and Pinterest. I think he can make just about anything out of wood. He has even made his own tools to make anything out of wood.

His latest project was something I got to benefit from and I couldn’t be any happier! He turned an old chest that was use to hold tools, into the most amazing cedar lined table with blanket storage. I love it! I didn’t have a coffee table for my living room and this is just absolutely perfect for my space.

Check out all the pictures below; click on the images to view them larger. Piper decided to get in a few too! He loves it just as much as I do and appreciates the smell of cedar.

Table 1 Table 2

IMG_0316  Table 4  Image 5

Table 6  Table 6  Table 7


Table 10

Newport Folk Festival

photo  IMG_8453  Image-1

So this was my first year at the Newport Folk Festival and all I can say is next year I will be back. I went Sunday (the last day) and got to see a few of my favorites: Lord Huron, The Lumineers, and Beck. I also saw some new musicians I had yet to discover and some everyday people just jamming out on their instruments. Not only were the bands amazing, but the people were too. I have never seen so many people who appreciate life and just love music.

Overall it was an amazing first experience. Ford Adams is an awesome spot to have a concert and when the sun went down during Beck’s set, it couldn’t have gotten any better than that. So here are some pictures and some videos; I am just so glad I finally got to experience this. Next year I might have to go for all three days.

folk fest  Lord Huron folkfest2



Folk on!

“The Battle We Didn’t Chose”

A Facebook friend recently shared this link and I felt compelled to share it. A loving husband photographed his wife’s painful struggle with breast cancer. The images show the challenges of cancer, the joy that can be found while dealing with the illness, and ultimately the end: “I loved it all.”

This website really touched me and I love the amazing, yet extremely sad photography. The emotions caught in each image express the fight of cancer that not everyone experiences. It is a different view on cancer and these are some of the most genuine photographs I have ever seen.


Handmade With Love

In my opinion, sea glass is the best thing to come out of the ocean. I have a rather large collection and head down to the beach at least once a week to find more.

My mother is the one who first introduced me to this treasure, so for her birthday I decided to make her a sea glass necklace. I simply used wire and pliers to create this piece. She loved it and now I want to make more!

necklace1  seaglassshell  necklace_2

seaglasshand  moreseaglass  momandme