Homemade Christmas: December 2014

As I continue my “catch up posts,” I have decided to write about a more recent event from the past year: Christmas.

The holiday came and went in a blink of an eye but it’s always so much fun decorating and getting gifts together for everyone. I always loving finding and making gifts for my family, boyfriend, and friends. I will admit I am a bit of a procrastinator, but I manage to pull it all off every year.


This year I decided to do a simple coaster project I had found on Pinterest awhile back. Since I am always taking pictures of everyone, I thought this was a great way to showcase them. All it took was printed pictures (I Photoshopped them to be 4×4 to fit perfectly on the tiles), some tiles from the hardware store, Mod Podge, cork for the bottom, acrylic sealer, and some patience. I haven’t had too much practice with Mod Podge so I was a little disappointed when the pictures had tons of air bubbles under them. All it took was another layer of Mod Podge and a plastic gift card to smooth out the surface. I was very pleased with how they came out and everyone loved them! (I also just realized I managed to only take one picture of the process and nothing of the final product – whoops!)

IMG_2408 IMG_2407

Step-by-step  instructions can be found here.

I also decided to cross stitch gift tags for my family’s presents. This was somewhat of a last minute decision but I had fun doing it. (I won’t lie though, I was finishing the last one on Christmas Eve at about 10 at night!) I didn’t use a pattern or anything, I just drew the name and a small Christmas tree on the fabric before I started stitching. I’m not a pro at this, I taught myself how to do it a long time ago, but it added a nice personal touch to my wrapped up gifts. My parents and brothers really liked how I did that.

IMG_2531   IMG_2542_2   IMG_2511   IMG_0656

Overall it was a great Christmas. Rob and I had so much fun cutting down our tree and decorating with the cats. (We celebrated our Christmas the day after and the cats even opened  up their own presents – solid catnip mice!) I had a great time at my parents’ house and always love the traditions my mom continues every year.

Although I didn’t ask for anything, my parents surprised me with such a special Christmas present. My mom found me the very same sewing machine both she and my grandma have. My grandpa gave my grandma hers in the 1950’s and they gave my mom hers in the 70’s. My mom never fails to surprise us all on Christmas (even when we don’t ask for anything!)


Here’s some more pictures from Christmas ’14: