Homemade Halloween

Another Halloween has come and gone and I decided I should share my homemade costume I made two years ago. I am quite the fan of Halloween and the company I worked for at the time always threw a pretty awesome party in the building’s warehouse area. I had won “Scariest Costume” the year before at the party, so I decided to step my game up…and become a life-sized Barbie.

Creating this costume was so fun. I started with two huge boxes I found at work and taped them together making sure it was big enough for me to fit in. I printed out the Barbie letters and taped them to the box.

barbie 2

Next I cut out the shape of the display box. This part was a little hard and it didn’t help that I had two nosey cats crawling in and out of the box. But a heavy duty box cutter did the trick.



Next came the spray point…and oh boy was there a lot of spray paint. The first can I got was too bright but the second¬†color was perfect. A matte Barbie pink. However, this perfect pink ended up everywhere. Including the entire floor of the garage. Whoooops! It took a few coats and some cold nights in the garage, but after I peeled off the letter stencils and touched them up with white paint.


I covered the inside of the box with silver wrapping paper and constructed some rope handles to the sides to make it easier to hold the box up while I was wearing it. I added the “Mattel” logo and last by not least, added the plastic to the inside of the box. The only flaw in my design was not adding breathing holes before painting, but I was able to leave some of the plastic off of the box to allow air in.



The costume was a HUGE hit at the party! I wore my most Barbie like dress, pink Converse shoes, and the platinum blonde wig I found at the Halloween store. I ended up winning “Most Creative Costume” and “Best Costume Overall!” It was so hard to breathe in there, but it was worth it.

barbie 1



It was such a fun night and such an easy costume to make. It took some time consuming steps, but thankfully I had planned plenty of time to get it done before the party. I haven’t quite figured out how I will top this one!