Spartan Super Race 2015

Grant Strong

On June 21, 2015, I participated in my very first Spartan Super Race in Barre, Massachusetts. The course was 8 miles long with 20-something obstacles standing in between my team and the fire at the finish line. The farm wasn’t just an open field; it was full of woods, streams, and mud after a lot of rain. Obstacles included walls to get over, a barbed wire field, climbing obstacles, and strength obstacles. It took us over three hours to get through the course, but the bragging rights at the end were so worth it.

I joined nine of my friends to form the team Grant Strong. Unfortunately our good friend Grant passed away unexpectedly on May 31, 2015. He was signed up to participate in the Spartan Race. We all came together (rather last minute, I might add) and participated in this event in his honor and memory. I know he was watching us all get through it and was cheering us on from the clouds.

I quickly designed a simple team logo. Grant was going to wear his Superman shirt so I based it off of the Superman logo. I put his initials in it along with “007,” which he had on the front of his motorcycle. Through the tough times it helped to design something with Grant in mind. I was proud to create something for my friends and his family to keep his memory alive. He was one of a kind and I am just so blesse our paths in life crossed.

Grant you will be so missed. <3 This race was for you.

Grant Strong 2  Grant Strong - Barbed Wire Grant Strong  Grant Strong 8

Grant Strong Finishers


Grant Strong 4  Grant Strong 5  Grant Strong 6  Grant Strong 7

Grant Strong Finishers  Grant Strong 9